Elephant Conservation

You help support wild elephant conservation through purchasing this app.

This game is currently available via the "Google Play" store for Android phones and tablets.

Conserving elephants, one download at a time!

Every time the full version of Elephant Escape is purchased, 50% of the profits will be donated to a conservation group such as:

We need your support to help this worthy cause! Get the full version of Elephant Escape today, and don't hesitate to enhance your gift with an extra donation directly to one or more of these organizations.

Description of Game

Started in 2012 as an experiment in HTML5 development, Elephant Escape blossom into a full-blown app for the web and Android devices. Elephant Escape is based off the idea that nobody wants to see the big problems in projects; everyone just keeps their heads down. BUT WAIT! Now you don't have to! With Elephant Escape, you can capture with tranquilizers the elephants that run throughout your office space, while making sure never to accidentally hit your coworkers!

Company Overview

Charcoal Arcade was launched in 2012 with the idea the fun, entertaining apps can be small and simple. It's not all "shock" and "awe" and ever more detailed 3d graphics, it's the game play that matters. Focusing on hand-drawn, flip-book style animations, Charcoal Arcade has a clean retro look to it's games.